Where do you want to live?  What conveniences, community amenities and lifestyle do you want?


Buying a new home or condominium is more than picking four walls and a roof.  You are buying into a block, neighborhood, community and city.  Many of these things are out of our control, so it is best to explore options and do detective work about areas that might appeal to you.

Sometimes it's convenience to transportation, schools, shopping, restaurants and other attractions.  Maybe you want a city or lake view- this will limit offerings; but if you check off as many must haves on your list as possible, you'll be happy with your choice. 

You can decorate, improve and upgrade as you go along; but some features cannot be changed- so be prepared to think outside the box and let your broker set up a customized search, as well as keep an eye out for properties that may not check all the boxes, but may really make you happy to open up that front door.

Communities Served

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